Reviews and Endorsements of Programs at 
The Beatitudes Center for the Nonviolent Jesus: 

“If you are inspired by the lives and words of Dr. King, Gandhi, Dorothy Day, The Berrigans, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mother Teresa and others, then “the Beatitude Center For The Nonviolent Jesus” and its founder, Fr. John Dear, are for you. John Dear’s presentations are biblically based, personally resourced, and grounded in nonviolence and the nonviolent Jesus. John is an excellent and knowledgeable teacher. I have learned so much. I highly recommend the Beatitude Center for the Nonviolent Jesus whether you are a beginner in the study of nonviolence or a seasoned activist.” 

—Rev. Jon Fogleman, Lutheran pastor, Guelph, Ontario, Canada  


“The Lenten series with Fr. John Dear was provocative, inspiring, and reassuring—all-rolled up in one.  Much of the content was new to me.   Being a cradle Catholic, I’ve never been a faithful Bible reader.  Now I have a completely new inspiration and understanding for reading the Gospels through the lens of the nonviolent Jesus.  What an eye-opener!”  

—Karla Sneegas, Atlanta, GA  


“Great insights into the life and mission of Jesus.” 

Dolores Gardini, California 


“Father John Dear’s experience as an activist against violence and his wide studies of like-minded peacemakers such as a Philip and Daniel Berrigan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and others make his classes a MUST for today’s time.” 

—Joy Walsh, Vero Beach, FL.  


“John Dear is a scholar who has lived and personally sacrificed for nonviolence. He has witnessed through his ministry and his activism. His personal commitment to nonviolence has been a source of inspiration for us, and his animated reflections on Jesus challenge us to embrace nonviolence as a way of life. His Lenten series on the nonviolent Jesus helped us to understand the loving, compassionate and therefore revolutionary nature of Jesus. John delighted us with the truth contained in the Gospels and helped open our eyes to take action. The Church has too long embraced a role of supporting state-sponsored violence, and John Dear is liberating us from this sad history through his in-depth knowledge of the nonviolent Jesus.” 

—-David Carlson, Santa Rosa, CA 


“John Dear invites program participants to look at familiar events and scripture accounts from new perspectives. God may never change, but we do. Because of that, we need to study Sacred Scripture from new viewpoints. I find that John’s presentations open my Spirit to deeper understanding and more meaning relationship with God.” 

—Patti Normile, Cincinnati, OH 


“John Dear has so many extraordinary strengths as a teacher and man of God. I particularly appreciate how he points to both the humanity of Jesus as well as the divinity.  I also enjoyed discovering how his accessing accurate translations of important passages in the Bible revealed new truths in the scriptures.” 

—-Cathy Perry  


“Fully aware of the immensity of his mission, Fr. John has taught nonviolence for decades to a world awash in violence. Wisely, patiently, persuasively, lovingly he persists–firmly believing that this is what Jesus came to teach. This is what all institutions on earth, especially Christian, must embrace: personal and planetary total loving nonviolence. Unfortunately, Earth may not have eons for this work. Thank God for the courage of John Dear who goes on teaching in the face of great odds.”  

–Catherine Kreuter, Salt Lake City